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Hey, it’s Ben here again on behalf of the Reddule team and I don’t need to tell you traffic is lifeblood of any business

No matter how awesome your product or offer is, unless it gets enough targeted eyeballs, you won’t be making any sales.

But, did you know...

95% Of The Businesses Close Down In First Year Due To Traffic Draught!

Why so many? Well, it’s not because there isn’t enough traffic to go around...

In fact, it’s the opposite.

There are more people than ever coming online and more opportunity than before.

The reason you and other businesses are struggling is that you’re stuck using OLD traffic and lead generation methods leaving you fighting for just scraps.

We Were Competing with Big Fish in a Shallow Pond.

Just a few months ago we were in a similar situation spending outrageous amounts of time and money and generating little views.

We were competing with major competition for only a tiny fraction of potential traffic using outdated lead gen methods.

So, we had no choice but to modernize and built a software that works with 2018. Something that allows us to run the types of viral campaigns that people love to share and on the place they love to share today (mobile messenger apps).


  • Detailed analytics
  • Users can choose to create either of these 2 campaigns
  • Ability to edit, delete and clone campaigns
  • Integration with major autoresponders
  • Integration with Youzign or can use your own custom image for campaign
  • Ability to add unlock capability by sharing it to
  • Ability to give coupon code, link, ebook, software or basically anything as a giveaway.

One of its kind of app that truly utilizes the power of mobile messenger apps, that have 90-95% open rate and a very specific and proven mind hack to deliver amazing results in any niche and any product you can think of.

Take a look at the proof below from a local business here in Bangalore,
who bought this software from us and used it to generate 890
Targeted leads
with an ad spent of Rs. 1550 (~$24).

That’s an INSANE $0.02 per lead (NOT click.. LEAD!)

Although I Can't Guarantee Legally That You Will Get The Same Results,
But, Oh Boy, Do I Want To Not Just Guarantee But Promise You,
That You Will! [But I Can't and I Didn't]

"Three Major Pillars On Which The Foundation of Viral Is Based"

Your Prospects are 92% More Likely to buy your product if it’s recommended by one of their Friends

Mobile Traffic is Responsible to drive over 56% of traffic to major US websites

Mobile messenger apps like Viber, Whatsapp, Line etc have a staggering 95% Open Rate when compared to 8% in email marketing

So what is Viral, and
How Does It Works?

Viral is a web-based software that allows you to create campaigns based on YOUR need. It basically collects leads and prompts that prospect to share the link of YOUR choosing with their friends on any of the Mobile Messaging apps like

We have been using it in our business since past 2 months.
Just take a look at these case studies below:

Case Study 1:

I set up a re-engagement campaign for my old list. I sent them directly to a campaign where they had to enter their emails again, so that I could segregate them from others who didn’t bother to even go to the campaign through my link in the email.

There I had a Bundle of Graphics and Video Backgrounds worth $67, and my subscribers could get their hands on it if they shared that link with 10 friends.


The list that used to get 2% Open rate, started giving me 8% Opens. I was also able to generate 365 fresh leads interested in Graphics and Video stuff in 7 Days.

I promoted VSource (a Video Product) to that list and made $405.03 Within 2 Days

Case Study 1:

One of our clients Varun drove traffic using Bing Ads to his website that had Viral campaign on it. He runs multiple businesses, and one of his main business is Custom Merchandise.


He was able to generate 236 Brand New subscribers and Rs.48,075.49 (~$771.54) with an ad spend of $180.64.

That's $536.90 in pure profits along with 236 HIGHLY targeted leads that have value around $54 per subscriber per year.

Did it just work for us?
Heck NO!

Listen, each and every one of our Beta testers made money and generated way more leads than they would have generated without Viral Will get to them in a moment, but before that let’s check out the power of Word of Mouth Marketing or Viral

Just take a look at few Billion Dollar companies that use Referral Marketing in their businesses

Check out the Demo

Where I set Up a Campaign in under

90 Seconds!

Here’s how it creates a Full Fledged Viral
for you in 5 Simple Steps

Viral is a web-based software that allows you to create campaigns based on YOUR need. It basically collects leads, and prompts that prospect to share the link of YOUR choosing with their friends on any of the Mobile Messaging apps like

Step 1

Simply Choose Between
"Max Engagement or Max Traffic" Modes

Step 2

Customize Your Viral Campaign

Customize Your Viral Campaign -Viral Is
Extremely User-Friendly And Completely Customizable
In Few Clicks

Step 3

Create Campaigns Using Integrated

Step 4

Customize The Thank You Page - Customize The Page
Where The Referral URL Will Be Shown and Choose
The Mobile Apps You Want To Give Your Prospects,
Options Of

Step 5

Enter The Download Link Of Your Free Gift, Video,
Coupon Code or Literally Anything That You Can Put In
a HTML/Wordpress Editor

Step 6

Copy and Paste The Code Into your Website and Viral Starts Doing It's Magic on 100% Autopilot!

Sounds Interesting? Wait Till You See This!

Viral is super smart. The share popup automatically detects whether your prospect is on a mobile device or desktop device, and shows the options to share accordingly.

As if this was not enough to ensure World Domination, we decided to add even more killer features for you!

Referral Marketing Training

Use it in CPA Marketing

Run Viral Contests

Run two different type of
campaigns – Max Engagement and
Max Traffic

Just Take a Look At What Our Beta Testers and Regular Guys Just Like You and Me Have To Say About Viral

Daniel Ashendorf


Liam Burns

By now, if you’re still reading you can obviously see how important this is not just to traffic campaigns in general, but helping your Reddule threads go viral too!

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